Arsenic Removal

Is there too much Arsenic in your water?

If your water tested higher than 10 ppb (mg/L) of Arsenic, It is above the regulated guidelines.

Did you know?

  • The arsenic water is harmful if ingested from drinking or cooking.  The Arsenic level actually increases when boiled.
  • Installing an Arsenic removal system will filter the arsenic well below the acceptable level of 10 ppb.

Al's Water Systems of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota offers 2 types of Arsenic removal systems.

Arsenic Removal System (POE)

The first system is an entire house Arsenic Removal System (POE) Point of entry. This system is a stand alone system that is installed after a water softener.  A typical residential size unit is 1 or 1.5 cubic foot system with a tank size of 10”x54”.

This systems filters Arsenic free water thru the entire house, however this type of system is costly and has a fairly high maintenance program.

Point of Use System (POU)

The second system is a (POU) Point of Use system.This system is typically mounted under the kitchen sink and a seperate water faucet is added to use for drinking and cooking. It is mounted with a water meter that allows you to use 2,000 gallons of water before the replacement filter needs to be changed.

The unit can also be connected to a refrigerator if accessible. This unit is relatively inexpensive and very low maintenance.

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